Live your life better

Feel better, calmer and more in control. Start with six weeks of brief therapy.

This will help you focus on your main area of distress; build initial insights and strategies; and identify practical steps for change. Then you decide whether to carry on or take a break.

If you are worried, anxious or depressed I can help you identify underlying issues and beliefs and make a change so you can feel better, calmer and more in control.

My name is Max Dobres, and I am a qualified registered and accredited counsellor and psychotherapist working in the Cobham/Leatherhead/Bookham area of Surrey. I work from a quiet private consulting room in Little Bookham and you can come and see me during the day or the evening from Tuesday to Friday.

Starting with Short Term Therapy can accelerate the benefits of counselling

Those seeking counselling often ask “How long will it take for me to see real results”. The answer of course is “It depends” on a whole list factors from the nature of the distress to the experiences of the client and their readiness to change.

Short term or brief counselling, of around six weeks is often suggested for well-defined issues like a specific life crisis or an important decision, but can it be helpful for more deep seated issues such depression or anxiety? And how do you tell if your issue requires brief or long term therapy?

In my view this over simplifies the choice. It assumes the two forms of therapy are mutually exclusive. I believe You can get the best of both worlds by starting off with a well bounded six week program of therapy and then at the end of the six weeks deciding in conversation with your counsellor whether that is sufficient or whether to carry on for another block of six weeks.

This combined approach to counselling has many benefits:

  • An initial six week focus will cover an exploration and assessment of the issue, development of initial insights and strategies and identifying practical steps for change.
  • In six weeks you can build a relation of trust with your counsellor and feel heard.
  • The six sessions end with a summary and review so you know what progress you are making.
  • The six weeks may be enough to empower you to make the changes you want.
  • You have the choice to carry on with further counselling sessions, in which case you would have built a firm foundation and have a better idea of what you want to achieve.
  • The six week focus keeps the responsibility with you for deciding how much counselling is needed and the regular six week reviews make sure that both you and your counsellor keep focused on the issues important to you.
  • Some clients take breaks between six week blocks of counselling in order to apply what they have learnt and then return to continue their journey of personal growth.
  • You can decide at any time to leave counselling, you only pay for the sessions you have used.

Many of my clients do find that six weeks of short term therapy is enough to relieve their distress, while others carry on for an extended period.

Counselling is about helping you to live your life better.

Part of that is ensuring that you remain in the driving seat and aware of the importance of making choices. Starting with a well bounded set of six counselling sessions can help maintain focus and accelerate progress.

Take a first step by arranging an initial 50 minute counselling session. 

Call 07570 971704, Sessions cost £45.

At our first meeting I will listen to your concerns and explain how therapy works. If for some reason, you decide therapy is not for you, then there is no obligation to continue. You will find that just talking things through will help you feel better.

My other clients tell me that they value the ability to talk freely about what is on their mind, without feeling judged and without having to try to be someone they don’t want to be. You will be able to talk openly about your worries and anxieties. It is likely that it will be a great relief to finally talk things through.


Psychotherapy and Counselling in Surrey near Dorking, Horsley, Bookham, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Effingham and Cobham


Common sources of stress and anxiety

I can help if you are struggling with:

  • General Anxiety

  • Social Anxiety

  • Depression and Stress

  • Low Self-Esteem and Lack of Confidence

  • Bereavement and Loss

  • Relationship Issues and Divorce

  • Anger and other Emotional Difficulties

  • Retirement Planning

How do I arrange counselling and psychotherapy?

To set up a first meeting give me a call on 07570 971704. If I am not there please leave a message giving me a good time to call you. The message system is confidential, only I listen to the messages.
Or Email me on:

At our meeting I will listen to your concerns and explain in more detail how therapy works. If for some reason, you decide therapy is not for you, then there is no obligation to continue.

I offer both short and long term Counselling and Psychotherapy in Surrey near Cobham, Bookham, Dorking, Horsley, Fetcham Leatherhead and Effingham

After our first meeting we can plan a series of weekly sessions each of 50 minutes duration. I usually suggest that we start with six sessions and then jointly review how things are progressing. I am based in Little Bookham in Surrey.Each session costs £45, the arrangement is open ended and you decide how many sessions to have.

When we talk I will help you understand and clarify your sources of unease. Just talking will be helpful. But we will do much more than that. We will explore the underlying causes of your anxiety, depression or relationship issue.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Maxim Dobres

Counselling and psychotherapy in Surrey in Bookham, near Dorking, Horsley, Fetcham, Leatherhead, Effingham and Cobham