Beginning Counselling

Deciding to seek help and then choosing a counsellor can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are already in emotional distress.

At out first meeting I will listen to your concerns and explain how therapy works. If for some reason, you decide therapy is not for you, then there is no obligation to continue. You will find that just talking things through will help you feel better.

If our meeting helps you, we will plan a series of weekly sessions each of 50 minutes duration.


Take a first step by arranging an initial 50 minute consultation,

Call 07570 971704

How counselling and psychotherapy helps

In each session I will listen to your concerns and together we will work to clarify your life and talk through how the people and events in your life trigger emotions and anxieties. We can then explore how you might change your reactions to them and chose better ways to deal with the challenges in your life.

It is likely that you have a way of thinking and feeling about your life that was learnt in your early years and then modified by experience. This gives you a way of being in the world and a set of strategies for dealing with everyday life, but this may not be working for you right now.

Often these ways of being are insufficient for current life challenges, putting you at the mercy of emotions and prone to periods of high anxiety or debilitating depression.  Most of the time you can get by, but you may be hoping that there can be a better way.

We will talk through these issues together, so you can explore your reactions to everyday life and choose how you want to be, rather than just react.  Counselling and psychotherapy gives you an opportunity to live your life better



Living your life better through counselling and psychotherapy

Over time counselling and psychotherapy can improve your emotional regulation and put you more in charge of your own life. You will be able to use your emotions  as guides to instinctive feelings. Then you can choose how you want to react. You will be aware of your emotions but not enslaved by them.

Studies, such as those published by American Psychological Association *, have shown that therapy is effective.  “At the end of treatment, the average treated person is better off than 80% of the untreated sample.”


Duration and cost of therapy:

Sessions cost £50 for individuals , £70 for Couples.

Each session will last 50 minutes and will usually be at the same agreed time each week. There will be planned breaks for holidays.

Making the First Counselling Appointment

To set up a first meeting give me a call on 07570 971704. If I am not there please leave a message, giving me a good time to call you. The message system is confidential, only I listen to the messages.